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Serenity Review

Software: Microgaming Bonus Game: Yes Scatter Symbol: Yes
Reels: 5 Progressive Jackpots: No Wild Symbol: Yes
PayLines: 15 Min Bet: $0.15 Bonus Symbol: Yes
Free Spins: Yes Max Bet: $375 Overall Rating:


Game Theme

The quest for serenity is a challenge for all to follow but it is one that is worthwhile. People who engage in the search for serenity are often able to find that their lives are a whole lot easier than what they might think they could be. In particular, people in Asia will certainly look to their minds and hearts to see what they can get into. The experiences that come with reaching serenity are unlike anything that can be truly explained as they are signs of how positive and reflective one can become in life in terms of what one wants to do and achieve in general.

The Serenity video slot is a game from Microgaming that was heavily inspired by the efforts that people around this amazing continent look to in order to succeed and become popular and powerful in their lives. This is a game that comes with good organizational features that are guaranteed to give players a better chance to win something huge and thrilling.

How to Play

There are fifteen lines on this five-reel slot from Microgaming. It gives players plenty of poker symbols but the Asian-themed symbols are the most important ones. These include features with pagodas, lanterns, banners and other features that are prominent around Asia. The game’s organization offers some great ways for players to win big as they can get into some good totals through some of the many special symbols that are scattered all over the entire place.

Special Parts

The wild and bonus symbols are clearly going to give players the most money as they will offer big payouts and better chances for people to win something huge. However, the key part of this game worth seeing comes rather from the many different bonuses that are available here. A player can start by getting bonuses like ten or more free spins when three or more bonus symbols appear.

The Lantern Bonus symbols will particularly add to the value of the Serenity video slot. This will give the plater access to a new screen where one is going to look around the lanterns hanging on the screen and choose a particular number of them as they appear. This will give the player a better total payout and will offer some good bonuses that people are bound to have fun with. In addition, the game features more payout setups through some of the lanterns although everything here is clearly scattered at random.

Maximum Payout

Microgaming is still in the process of releasing the Serenity video slot at this time. As a result, the company has not officially listed information on how much money the game can pay out. However, it has become clear based on some of the big payout features all around this game that a player can possibly win thousands of coins at a time. This is especially when the lantern feature is considered as there are no real limits on what someone could potentially win off of this game of the slot.


The excitement that will come out of the Serenity video slot is a great feature that will make it an important game to look out for while at an online casino. The game has a great look to it that features plenty of thrilling ways for people to win as they can get into some good totals that feature loads of coins for all to win.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise video slots are popular places that offer some great ways for players to win something huge. This in turn will give players some great totals that people are bound to enjoy but there are more than just slots at these two places. Players at either casino can also take advantage of the many scratch cards, table games and live dealer games that make this place a hit among all sorts of gamers.

Both casinos also have welcome bonuses of up to $200 on first deposits. These places especially come with some weekly bonuses and VIP sections with special rewards available to the most active players at these particular slots. This offers a great series of ways for players to win something huge and have some great totals that are bound to be popular among all players who come to these places.

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