3dSlots.co - Play 3D Slot Machines Online, Free or for Real Money!new slotsPopular movie series spawns it’s first slot courtesy of iSoftBet

Popular movie series spawns it’s first slot courtesy of iSoftBet

paranormal activity slot logoHere’s a game you might not want to play on your own in the house late at night!

Spooky looking slot machine Paranormal Activity from iSoftBet can be genuinely unsettling and disconcerting as a result of its creepy special effects and visual disturbances, ensuring fans of the Paranormal Activity movie series will be thoroughly impressed – and hopefully frightened! – by this release.

What We Love

Whilst many movie licensed games are just plain old slot machines with a fancy logo bolted on, Paranormal Activity has clearly had a lot of thought put into it and the resulting game is bound to go down well with those who enjoy the horror movie genre.

The full-screen mode is a great way to enjoy this slot at it’s most sinister, and the generous pay table and free spin modes make this an exciting game to play regardless of your chosen stake.

paranormal activity slot screenshot big

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Of the three bonus modes, the Demon Spins will likely be the most popular with players of this slot as it awards a generous fifteen free spins each with the possibility of up to fifteen additional wild symbols being added to the reels.

What We Do Not Like

Two sets of bonus symbols have been placed on the reels which result in three or more mismatched symbols regularly landing in view, but no prize being awarded. This can be very frustrating, particularly when some of these symbols block other combinations that would otherwise have resulted in a win.

To trigger the feature wheel you need to catch a “bonus” symbol on reels one, three, and five, which can often take a long time to occur and when it eventually does land the wheel will often award a small cash prize rather than one of the three bonus modes.

The visual distortion effects are part of what makes this game great, but they do become a little tiresome during extended sessions and there is no option to disable these graphical glitches, which might annoy some players.

Worth Playing?

There are lots of fun and high paying 243-way slots available these days, many of which are capable of paying significantly larger prizes than Paranormal Activity. iSoftBet slots are also quite difficult to find at present, and many players might find not be able to find this game for real money play without signing up at a new casino, which may be more trouble than they are willing to go to.

Nevertheless, Paranormal Activity is definitely worth a look especially if you are a fan of the films or of horror movies in general. There isn’t a lot here that most players won’t have seen before, but the execution is fantastic and there’s enough variety in the game to keep players interested for more than a handful of sessions.

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